Big Little Roses

painting by Joe Max Emminger

Today my friend Julie Little left a big beautiful bucket of roses on our doorstep. Swoon. I emptied the bucket and filled vase after vase. Now the house is overflowing with roses.

I will share this year’s bucket with you. Here are red roses on a red mola.

Yellow roses in a yellow jug on a yellow tablecloth.

White and pink roses on a piece of Russian embroidery.

Purple roses on orange Mexican oilcloth.

Pink and red roses with a stuffed animal from Peru

Roses outside – on a bench painted by Joe Max Emminger.

Roses inside – on stripes, in light and shadow.

This post is light on fabric and heavy on flowers. It’s summer: time to smell the roses and savor life.

Ice Cream by Julie Paschkis

Julie Little has given me roses for several years. In 2014 I wrote a post about the roses that she left. I wrote more about fabric in that post: here is a link. I didn’t include her name then, but I am now because I want to thank her out loud for her buckets of generosity.


painting by Joe Max Emminger




7 responses to “Big Little Roses

  1. Annette Keith

    Good Morning MS. Paschkis, We have been sort of feeling out of the picture , like a good story that develops out of a gift such as the one you wrote about many colored roses in a vase, sort of a Matisse painting of flowers in a vase. Or perhaps Vincent Van Gogh’s flowers.
    The only flowers this year to survive the hot sun and many rainy days in a row were the Bushel Gourd gold orange flowers. Now I give you a gift that is the many large gourds growing like heads of people decked in fine leafy greenery, and their old friends bees of every size inside the large gourd flowers, a film in itself. One bee will not chase another bee out of the stems of the gourd flowers, just buzzes away.
    Best Wishes from Mrs. Arthur L Keith

  2. Thanks for sharing, Julie. Are you on Instagram?

    • Julie Paschkis

      I am on FB and Instagram but can go weeks without remembering to log into them. Then I’ll be on for a while until I forget again. My friends all swear by Instagram – and it is inspiring to see what they are up to.


    both post just added a lovely tone to the dry hot summer of Phx. Thanks so much! Cathy Bonnell


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