Moldova and Romania


Last night I got back from a trip to Eastern Europe. Grab a pillow and get comfortable: I will show you some of the fabrics that I saw in Moldova and Romania. There was pattern everywhere. There were woven rugs on the walls and on the floor.IMG_1951IMG_2401IMG_2745IMG_2600And there were stripes.IMG_2085

Rugs overlapped
These rag rugs were all on the floor in one room, making an impromptu quilt.
Clothing in a market stall:

This woman was selling her knitting at the market and her dress was historical.
There were lots of women dressed in more everyday scarves and patterns.IMG_2765IMG_2764
Textiles are part of homes and restaurants.
And there are glorious textiles in the churches.IMG_2074
I love the cacophony of patterns. Harmonious cacophony!IMG_2308
The past and the present are woven together.IMG_2743

Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo is a new show at the Seattle Art Museum in Volunteer Park. If you are in Seattle you should step away from our amazing sunshine and go see it. If you are not in Seattle, I will bring it to you with some photos here. I am too lazy to enter the captions – I am just giving you an indigo feast for your eyes – some true blue.IMG_1303 IMG_1304 IMG_1305 IMG_1343IMG_1340IMG_1344

IMG_1306 IMG_1307 IMG_1308 IMG_1309 IMG_1311 IMG_1312 IMG_1313 IMG_1314 IMG_1316 IMG_1317 IMG_1318 IMG_1319 IMG_1320 IMG_1321 IMG_1322 IMG_1323 IMG_1324 IMG_1325 IMG_1326 IMG_1327 IMG_1331 IMG_1332 IMG_1333 IMG_1338 IMG_1341IMG_1342 IMG_1330

I hope you enjoyed swimming through the indigo sea.


A Good Gig

This week I went to Gig Harbor and spoke to the Gig Harbor Quilters Guild. Quilts historically were often made by more than one person, at quilting bees.

BeeHiveVintageGraphicsFairy31In modern times quilters maintain community through quilters guilds. It is wonderful to meet women (and occasionally men) who build a community through a shared love of textiles. The Gig Harbor group is friendly and interesting. The president Barbara Kadden and the treasurer Dana Toulson are organized and kept everything running smoothly.
I talked about how I design fabric, draw pictures, draw inspiration and make quilts. Here are a few of the images from my talk:

Some cloth quilts:

Paschkis quiltPaschkis ampersandPaschkis Clementine

And a paper quilt:

Paschkis paper quilt

These are some of the quilts and other projects that the guild members shared. The work was inspiring in its range and beauty. Please excuse my photography which doesn’t do the work justice Also, a few people showed quilts before I thought to get out my camera!

IMG_1268 IMG_1272 (1)

IMG_1280 IMG_1274IMG_1275 IMG_1281 IMG_1269 IMG_1286 IMG_1289 IMG_1294IMG_1297 IMG_1295

I was especially touched that several guild members made pieces using my fabric line Kalinka. There were quilts, pillows, trapunto and hangings.

IMG_1264 (1)


Dana Toulson made this quilt with Kalinka on the front and back.IMG_1299IMG_1300Barbara Kadden quilted lines from Yedid Nefesh, an old Jewish liturgical poem:
Heart’s delight, Source of Mercy
draw Your servant into Your arms.
I leap like a deer
to stand in awe before You.IMG_1266

I was nervous beforehand to stand before a quilter’s guild. But their warmth and friendliness filled my heart with delight. Thank you, Gig Harbor.


I have loved scarves ever since I met Auntie Katushka in the book Poppy Seed Cakes.katushka
For much of my adult life I have worn a scarf in my hair. I like having a little color on my head. Occasionally I try to give up the habit but it doesn’t last. I keep the scarves over a chair.scarf collection
My favorite scarves are made by Soueleiado, designed by Charles Demery. I have several of them, mostly worn to threads and shreds. soueleiado soueleiado rose soueleiado border demery scarf demery border
Lily is modeling a Soueleiado scarf.
lily in scarf
I love head scarves, neck scarves, stripes, patterns and paisleys. So you can imagine how happy I was when Linda Teufel asked me to design scarves for her company, Dragon Threads.  My first scarf for Dragon Threads is coming out at the end of this month and it is called Summer Birds. First I painted the basic building blocks for the scarf and border.scarf painting bird border BL copy
Then I used Photoshop to repeat those elements. I was slow and clumsy – I am much more comfortable with a brush than with a mouse.
brown mouse
But after many mismatches and clicks I was able to make the scarf repeat. First I doubled the image (flipping them) and then doubled the doubles.
Paschkis bird scarf bird borderL copy 2
At last it was a complete scarf!
Paschkis summerbird scarf
Modelled here by Linda Teufel’s beautiful friend Shelby.
You can order the scarf here at Julie Paprika. It is a limited edition printing and the scarf is $48. Please buy one because I want to keep designing them! Thanks.
scarf label

p.s. Butterflies used to be called Summer Birds. I learned this from Margarita Engle in her book about Maria Merian.

Quilt Music

In December I went on a field trip to the Michener Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  There I saw Blanket Statements: a show of quilts designed by Kaffe Fassett using his fabrics, as well as historical quilts from the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles.

Kaffe Fassett’s colors are strong and exuberant; they sing.

Kaffe Fassett: Autumn Crosses

Kaffe Fassett: Autumn Crosses

The colors in the older quilts are more muted. The old fabrics carry memories. Even though they aren’t my memories I can feel their pull and power.

They hum.

Etlderton Log Cabin from the 1890's.

Etlderton Log Cabin from the 1890’s.

Small Squares from the 1930's.

Small Squares from the 1930’s.

1890 Chevron Stripes

1890 Chevron Stripes

You can hear them especially well up close.

1890s log cabin close up


1874-1900 hearts and crosses

1874-1900 hearts and crosses

detail from Red Manor House Coverlet, 1850's

detail from Red Manor House Coverlet, 1850’s

I don’t know who Mrs. Fitzherbert is, but I like her quilt and her name. This quilt whistles.

1800 -1850's Mrs. Fitzherbert top

1800 -1850’s Mrs. Fitzherbert top

In another room at the Michener were quilts made of wood by Laura Petrovich-Cheney. They clatter and chatter.

laura petrovich cheney

petrovich cheney

Laura Petrovich-Cheney

Laura Petrovich-Cheney

These shows left me inspired to find my own melodies. If you want to hum, sing, whistle or chatter with some quilts you can see the Blanket Statements show until February 21st, and the wood quilts until May 15th.

p.s. If you take a trip to Doylestown, don’t miss the Mercer Museum, the Moravian Tile Works and Fonthill. I just wrote about the Moravian Tile Works at Books Around the Table.


Last weekend I was lucky to go to part of a quilting retreat taught by Joe Cunningham and organized by Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts.patricia and joeWe met at a quiet retreat center on the Hood Canal where we had a good workspace, good living space and good food amidst beautiful scenery.

In front of a warm fire (and under the watchful glass eye of a ruminant) we looked at quilts made by participants of the retreat. IMG_0578Here are a few of those quilts. Everyone’s quilts were amazing but most of my photos are too fuzzy to share.
Susie Wolcott  –susie wolcottSeda Terek –seda terekBarbara Hassenrikbarbara hassenrikGeoff Hamada –geoff hamada

Jennifer Rhoads –jennifer rhoadsOne day’s assignment was to quilt a sentence of three words, at least 36″ wide. Joe showed us slides of quilts with words on them. I don’t have copies of the slides he showed, but I found these images with a similar feel. freedom first squair quilt glad day quiltAfter we looked at the slides we were set free. Everyone attacked the problem in a different way. Joe Cunningham is a great teacher. He inspired us and got us rolling on our own projects. The projects were engineered to allow the unexpected to occur. Joe helped us when we wanted help and let us steam ahead unimpeded when that was desired. The environment was kind and friendly. Joe even played the guitar for us.Joe CunninghamHere are some of the letters and sentences (in progress) that people made.
Laurie Wilkey pieced this. laurie wilkey IMG_0585 IMG_0584Susie Wolcott’s letters were put together to spell Mush Head Day.IMG_0599 IMG_0598 IMG_0596Janet Hasselblad wrote this:janet hasselbladSara Goss added a pieced demonstration of her idea.saraLynn Haia wrote about her dog Tallulah and his toy Bluey.lynn haiaI wrote WHY ? and WHY NOT. I pieced the letters with fabric cut from a patchwork skirt that had been sewn by my Great Aunt Marjorie Powell..aunt marjoriepaschkis why why notWhy was the retreat so fun? A good teacher, thoughtful planning, a beautiful place, and the pleasure of meeting interesting people with common interests, all of us working side by side. The feeling of the retreat can be best summed up by a  quilt from 1874 which says: From  every quarter flowing joyful crowds assembled round and spake with exalted zeal.
…Just substitute sewed for spake.Cornelia Vosburgh quilt

p.s. Here is a link to my blogpost about Wordwatching at Books Around the Table. Please stop by!


In December of 2014 my husband and I went to Portugal and Spain. We saw tiles everywhere. The blue and white tiles are called Azulejos. IMG_9303

We saw tiles on walls.




on benches


on signs


and on the ground.



We saw tiles with animals and birds on them.

IMG_1017 copy



and tiles that were pure pattern.

Version 2

Version 2

When I came home I did some paintings that were inspired by the tiles and other things I saw on that trip. Many of those paintings were used to make a new line of fabric for In the Beginning Fabrics. The new line is called Azuli. The word sounds like Azulejos and the word azul which means blue in Spanish. It is fun to say, but doesn’t have a true meaning.

Here are some of the paintings that didn’t become fabric.

Paschkis blue bird

Paschkis cat

Paschkis peacock

And here are some paintings that did become fabric!

Paschkis capella repeat

paschkis vine hexagon

This pomegranate pattern became an allover repeat (and I added a few seeds).paschkis pomegranate

in the beginning azuli

This allover pomegranate pattern was printed in a blue or burgundy color way.

azuli floral copy

in the beginning azuli

purple orange pom

Here are peacocks we saw in Portugal.


and fabric inspired by their feathers.

Paschkis peacock

A rooster from the trip…


and a rooster that flew into the fabric line..

paschkis rooster

Azuli is available now at fabric stores such as Gathering Fabric in Woodinville, Washington, Pacific Fabrics or online at Winter Creek Cloth.

Putting together this blog post has made me remember the trip so clearly. I think I might need to go back and get inspired all over again.

IMG_1015_2 copy