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Anna Torma

About 10 years ago I spilled oil on my favorite pants. I embroidered flowers on them to cover up the stain and a new obsession was born. For a while I stitched everything that I could get my hands on, mainly clothing. This shirt was my most elaborate effort.

Paschkis boat shirt

But gradually new obsessions took over (learning Spanish, baking bread, quilting) and my needle mostly lay still.

Paschkis - Insomnia

In December I saw an amazing show of embroidery at the Bellevue Art Museum.

anna torma room

The artist is Anna Torma. She was born in Hungary, but now lives in an old farm house in Canada. Here is a link to her website,  and here is a video interview.

anna torma portrait

She uses time consuming and careful stitching to create wild, loose and free images.

anna torma hanging

Her work tells stories and the more closely you look the more you will see.She embroiders on huge pieces of fabric, but the scale of the embroidery is intimate. The backs and the fronts are beautiful in different ways.

anna torma hangings

torma detail 1 torma detail 2

Since seeing the show I have picked up my needle again. I also hope to pick up some of her freedom and willingness to experiment.

Torma dragon