I have designed many lines of fabric for In the Beginning Fabrics in Seattle. This has been a great opportunity and pleasure for me.

I’ve learned that fabric is like fruit; it has a short shelf life. Once a new design is released it is available for a season and then retired.

My newest line is called Bohemia. It is ripe and ready for picking at your local fabric store (maybe) or on line at Hancock’s of Paducah. These are some of the pieces in the line.bohemia panel paschkis

red field on yellow field on green cats on green Sample Borderbohemia floral bohemia floral whitedaisies on yellow bohemia acorns

Here are some designs from older lines.

calico acrobaticats bobolink revised big daisytree panel  vineLcutbird border

little cats marzipan hearts catkin flowers tn-3MZ1marzipan plaid mooshka butterflies mooshka roses mooshka branchoceanica stars tn-6OC2 oceanica flowers oceanica iristn-5JPC2 mooshka plaid oceanica stripes tn-3MZ2     chickadee hearts tn-5JPB1 yellow catkin flowers sample dandelion

One response to “Fabric

  1. Absolutely beautiful. You are a great artist, I love your design. Congratulations from Brazil!

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