Monthly Archives: April 2015

Now, Then and Soon

If you are subscribed to this blog you will have noticed that I haven’t posted much on it. This year has been busy with new books. P. Zonka Lays an Egg has just come out and I’ve been working on some others. I’ve also started a new business selling prints (Julie Paprika). And there has been lots of art making and lots of life living. Today I am posting an announcement for an upcoming show in a beautiful barn. The show will include textile art.

bitters barn invitation

As I get the work for this show photographed I will post some of it here. I apologize for being an inconstant blogger in the past, and I promise that I will be equally inconstant in the future. But I will post occasionally! And I thank you for occasionally reading.

Swedish Embroidery, seen in Selvedge Magazine

Swedish Embroidery, seen in Selvedge Magazine