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mexican embroideryMexican markets are filled with beautiful embroidery. Some of it is handmade and exquisite. Some of it is inexpensive and rougher – I don’t know if it is machine or hand made. I love it all. The exuberant patterns and colors fill me with joy. These first two images are the fronts of dresses that I bought at a stand in Tulum.
To see lots more embroidery go to www.mexicantextiles.comblue mexican embroideryPavo means turkey in Spanish. Pavo Real means peacock.  Here are some Otomi birds.otomi embroidery 


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone whether you are having pavo, pavo real or pavo tofu.

Mood Indigo

Why are blue and white so good together? Blue skies with white clouds, midnight with white stars, blue willow dishes and sailor shirts are all good. And blueberries of course.out of the blue Paschkis

For the quilt Blue Bop I cut many slightly crooked stripes out of a variety of blue and white fabrics. The cutting was quick and dirty; there was no measuring involved. A little irregularity can give breathing room to a quilt. 
I sewed the irregular stripes together into four long strips and then trimmed those so that they were even from side to side. I flipped and flopped them until the arrangement was congenial and then sewed them together. Blue Bop!

Blue Bop 84"W x 120"H

Blue Bop 84″W x 120″H

Most of my paper quilts are also blue and white.  I soaked some of the paper in tea to give variety to the whites. The paint is gouache – opaque tempera. The tubes of paint have good names: Ultramarine Deep, Cobalt, Cerulean, Indigo.

Sitting Blue Paschkis

bluebird blueberries Paschkis

The paper is stitched together on the sewing machine. The threads can be part of the conversation.

conversation Paschkis

To conclude, here is a painting by my husband, Joe Max Emminger.Cold WInter Night - Emminger


Oh, Yes 38"W x 47"H

Oh, Yes 38″W x 47″H

Oh, Yes is a simple quilt. The red letters are appliquéd onto a black and white fabric that I designed for a line called Chickadee. My original design was a papercut, about 8″ x 10″.papercut butterfliesBW

In The Beginning Fabrics reproduced it in black and white, as well as in color.  The Oh, Yes quilt is backed with the color version of the pattern.

chickadee hearts

I like quilts with words on them. This quilt by Nancy Ward Butler of Jamestown NY is poignant. She must have stitched away some of her grief for her granddaughter as she stitched in her love. The quilt was preserved with a handwritten note saying it had won “Second Prize for the Most Beautiful Quilt.”

from the Smithsonian Treasury of American Quilts by Doris Bowman

When I thought about what I wanted to say on a quilt, or just in general, YES seemed like the obvious choice.
I was too lazy to say it more fully, as Cornelia Catharine Vosburgh did in this quilt from 1874: “& From Every Corner Flowing Joyful Crowds Assemble Round And Spake Withe Xalted Zeal.”
Oh, YES!

Cornelia Vosburgh quilt