These quilts were made in 2012 and 2013. They were made mainly using cloth that I designed for In The Beginning Fabrics. I designed and pieced all of them, and machine quilted the smaller ones. Some were too big too fit on my machine:  Blue Bop, Oceanica and  Sampler were quilted on a long arm machine by Alayne Pettijohn, and Tulip Couple was quilted by Carrie Peterson. 

Oh, Yes 38"W x 47"H

Oh, Yes 38″W x 47″H

Squirrel Flag 36"W x 48"H

Squirrel Flag 36″W x 48″H

Acrobaticats 37" W x 47"H

Acrobaticats 37″ W x 47″H

Sampler Quilt 71"w x 86"H

Sampler Quilt 71″w x 86″H

Tulip Couple Quilt 74" w x 94"H

Tulip Couple Quilt 74″ w x 94″H

Mooshka Squares 35"W x 47"H

Mooshka Squares 35″W x 47″H

Mooshka  33"W x 45" H

Mooshka 33″W x 45″ H

Random 36"W x 42"H

Random 36″W x 42″H

Cat and Bird 48"W x 56"H

Cat and Bird 48″W x 56″H

Checkerboard  71"W x 86"H

Checkerboard 71″W x 86″H

Bohemia Quilt 42"W x 48"H

Bohemia Quilt 42″W x 48″H

Crow Quilt 42"W x 50"H

Crow Quilt 42″W x 50″H

Oceanica Quilt  94"W x 104" H

Oceanica Quilt 94″W x 104″ H

Blue Bop 84"W x 120"H

Blue Bop 84″W x 120″H

Jonah's Brother  63"W x 38"H

Jonah’s Brother 63″W x 38″H

2 responses to “Quilts

  1. Brad Chodos-Irvine

    I had no idea. You have been busy! I love all of these…

  2. Julie!!!
    I love your new blog and your beautiful paper and fabric quilts! Your fabulous creativity is an endless font of fantastic wonderfulness! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your talent with the world at large! Are your paper and fabric quilts available for sale through you or Grover Thurston Gallery or elsewhere?…..Waiting with baited breath!…..

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