Indigo Intervention

Last week I was in Oaxaca and saw an inspiring show about Indigo at the Museo de Textil (Textile Museum).  It was called Intervention Indigo, by Laura Anderson Barbata, The work was beautiful, breathtaking and political. Here is a statement about the show:

Here are snapshots from the show. It is hard to convey the scale. Many of these pieces are HUGE.


Here is a link to the Intervention Indigo video on YouTube. Watch it to see the scale of the costumes and the ideas. It is exhilerating.

Kudos to Laura Anderson Barbata and to Chris Walker, the Brooklyn Jumbies and Jarana Beat.

If you are hungry to see more indigo, please click on this  link to a post I wrote last year about a show at the SeattleArt Museum: Mood Indigo

One response to “Indigo Intervention

  1. Fantastic! Would love to see this

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