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Big Little Roses

painting by Joe Max Emminger

Today my friend Julie Little left a big beautiful bucket of roses on our doorstep. Swoon. I emptied the bucket and filled vase after vase. Now the house is overflowing with roses.

I will share this year’s bucket with you. Here are red roses on a red mola.

Yellow roses in a yellow jug on a yellow tablecloth.

White and pink roses on a piece of Russian embroidery.

Purple roses on orange Mexican oilcloth.

Pink and red roses with a stuffed animal from Peru

Roses outside – on a bench painted by Joe Max Emminger.

Roses inside – on stripes, in light and shadow.

This post is light on fabric and heavy on flowers. It’s summer: time to smell the roses and savor life.

Ice Cream by Julie Paschkis

Julie Little has given me roses for several years. In 2014 I wrote a post about the roses that she left. I wrote more about fabric in that post: here is a link. I didn’t include her name then, but I am now because I want to thank her out loud for her buckets of generosity.


painting by Joe Max Emminger




Mood Indigo

Why are blue and white so good together? Blue skies with white clouds, midnight with white stars, blue willow dishes and sailor shirts are all good. And blueberries of course.out of the blue Paschkis

For the quilt Blue Bop I cut many slightly crooked stripes out of a variety of blue and white fabrics. The cutting was quick and dirty; there was no measuring involved. A little irregularity can give breathing room to a quilt. 
I sewed the irregular stripes together into four long strips and then trimmed those so that they were even from side to side. I flipped and flopped them until the arrangement was congenial and then sewed them together. Blue Bop!

Blue Bop 84"W x 120"H

Blue Bop 84″W x 120″H

Most of my paper quilts are also blue and white.  I soaked some of the paper in tea to give variety to the whites. The paint is gouache – opaque tempera. The tubes of paint have good names: Ultramarine Deep, Cobalt, Cerulean, Indigo.

Sitting Blue Paschkis

bluebird blueberries Paschkis

The paper is stitched together on the sewing machine. The threads can be part of the conversation.

conversation Paschkis

To conclude, here is a painting by my husband, Joe Max Emminger.Cold WInter Night - Emminger