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Stripes Please

Stripes are simple and satisfying. They speak for themselves, so there are very few words in this post.

Such as…
Russian machine woven stripes from the 19th century:

russian stripes
Uzbek stripes:uzbek stripes

Indigo stripes:


Guatemalan stripes:guatemalan stripes

Hudson Bay stripes:hudson bay blanketCharacters in my paintings often wear striped clothing:

Paschkis reading

They are in good company.
Matisse:matisse painting

Cassatt:mary cassatt

Kuniyaki:kuniyaki sumo


It is as satisfying to wear stripes in life as in art.



Babe Ruth (photo by Nickolas Muray):

Babe Ruth

Jean Paul Gaultier:


and finally a prisoner in the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women, St. Gabriel photographed by Deborah Luster in 1988:

I wish I knew her name.