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Betz B. Beauties

If you are in the Seattle area you might be familiar with the mosaic work of Betz Bernhard at Seatac Airport, or her gila monster at the zoo. Or maybe you have seen Betz’s button necklaces, prints or collages. Those are all wonderful, but today I am writing about her newest adventures, made with fabric. Betz Bernhard Collage with Purple Circle

Betz is an exuberant and generous person. Her personality is evident in these new textiles.

Betz Bernhard collage with Target

I like that she has left the edges rough and included bits of selvage.

Betz Bernhard collage with Rose and Blue Pot

The pieces are mostly silk. She balances the found patterns with straight shots of color and cut shapes.

Betz Bernhard collage with Purple Flower

The irregularities make the pieces lively.Betz Bernhard Collage with Black and White Stream

The colors make them joyful.Betz Bernhard collage with beaded Rose

Some of the pieces are completely abstract but many have references to objects, such as this big red pot and flower.

Betz Bernhard Collage with big red pot and flower

a big red hand –Betz Bernhard collage with Red Hand

a tea cup –

Betz Bernhard collage with Tea Cup

a red bowl  with a blue plant .

Betz Bernhard collage with Blue Plant

The size of the quilts range from as small as 12″ square up to three or four feet.

Betz Bernhard Collage with Peach XBetz Bernhard collage with flesh form

I asked Betz if she wanted to write a few words about her work. She sent this image that has a few words embroidered on it.

Betz Bernhard mrs.

Betz stitches that she wants a life without fear (and with friends, family and chocolate). These collage/quilts feel free and adventurous to me so maybe creation is an antidote to fear. They feel  almost musical  – I hope that you enjoy seeing them and listening to their syncopated rhythms.  Betz Bernhard collage with red arrows