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June Blooms: Indian Textiles

Seattle is blooming – roses, poppies, foxgloves, pinks and peonies abound. To celebrate the florabundance of June wherever you are, here is a selection of Indian textiles.

A Mughal early 18th century embroidered floor spread – a meadow underfoot-

A Gujarat wall hanging, made for the English market c. 1700 –

And a flower plucked from it –

A paithani-style shawl from Dhaulpur, Rajasthan circa 1850

A Kalamkari hand drawn mordant and resist dyed cotton from south-east India, late 17th century-

It blooms so effusively that even the leaves have flowers.

Feel the warmth of the yellow in this skirt cloth from the Mochi community in Gujarat, circa 1850-

Another Mochi skirt cloth from the late 19th century-

An exuberant kalamkari block print created in south-east India for the Indonesian market in the 19th century-

All of these textiles are from The Indian Textile Sourcebook by Avalon Fotheringham, published by Thames and Hudson.

Rumi: “To wander in the fields of flowers, pull the thorns from your heart.”