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Indigo Intervention

Last week I was in Oaxaca and saw an inspiring show about Indigo at the Museo de Textil (Textile Museum).  It was called Intervention Indigo, by Laura Anderson Barbata, The work was beautiful, breathtaking and political. Here is a statement about the show:

Here are snapshots from the show. It is hard to convey the scale. Many of these pieces are HUGE.


Here is a link to the Intervention Indigo video on YouTube. Watch it to see the scale of the costumes and the ideas. It is exhilerating.

Kudos to Laura Anderson Barbata and to Chris Walker, the Brooklyn Jumbies and Jarana Beat.

If you are hungry to see more indigo, please click on this  link to a post I wrote last year about a show at the SeattleArt Museum: Mood Indigo


Paper Quilt Workshop

Last March I visited the Textile Museum in Oaxaca. While there I talked with the director of the museum about teaching a workshop this spring – 2019.

Inside the Museo Textil de Oaxaca

We looked at my website. The director liked the paper quilts I showed him and suggested that I teach a workshop of paper quilts. Yes!

Here are the images I showed him of the paper quilts that I had done. They are quilts in the sense that separate images are pieced together to make a whole.

Outside of Oaxaca, in San Agustin Etla, is a beautiful paper making workshop. Here are some photos of the workshop. The building is next to a river. The array of natural materials is used for dying the paper. The peanut shells are a mold for a textured paper. The kites by Francisco Toledo are in the gift shop, along with notebooks, paper jewelry and sheets of paper.

I bought paper when I was there last spring. When I came home I made quilts out of that paper. These are the kind of quilts we will make in the workshop.

This one is mostly plain paper with some painted imagery.

The painted  images were inspired by this embroidery that I saw at the textile museum. (Here is a link to a blog post that I wrote about the museum.)

This quilt has stenciled imagery, based on the same embroidery.

Here is the back of the stenciled quilt.

This spring, from March 4-7 I will be teaching a workshop on Paper Quilts at the Textile Museum in Oaxaca. On Monday we will go together in a van to the paper making workshop in San Agustin Etla. We will buy paper there for our individual projects. On Tuesday – Thursday we will return to the museum and make paper quilts – some collaborative and some individual. We will take our inspiration (and some of our materials) from the incredible Oaxacan traditions. The workshop will meet for 3 hours a day, so you will also have time to explore Oaxaca on your own.( I am not arranging housing, food or transportation). The workshop costs $750 pesos (about $39 USD) plus another $20 to buy paper. You don’t need any special skills or talents to come- just the desire to try something new, to use your hands, and to explore Oaxaca.

If you think you might be interested in coming, please email me at jpaschkis@comcast.net and I will let you know how to sign up. Thank you.




Museo Textil de Oaxaca

Recently a friend and I went on a short trip to Oaxaca. Aaah-Oaxaca.

There were two exhibits at the Museo Textil de Oaxaca that I would like to share with you.

Upstairs you could see Embroidery in the High Lands – Mazahua Textile Art.


This long cloth was beautiful in its spaciousness, and exquisite details.

Here are close ups:

Downstairs at the Museo was an exhibit of clothing from Mexico and Guatemala.

I hope you enjoyed visiting the museum. Here are a few photos from the street.

For more on Oaxaca, here is a link to a post that I wrote last year.

Good bye for now. Hasta la próxima.


This winter Seattle has been dark and wet. At times it has felt like the world is in black and white. In January I went to Oaxaca, Mexico. In Oaxaca the world is in color. (These photos haven’t been altered or filtered.)oaxaca street img_3763 img_3859 img_3838 img_3755 oaxaca flowers img_3722

The state of Oaxaca is a center of textiles. There are farms of cochineal. There are embroiderers and weavers. There are beautiful woven plastic totes in the markets and stalls of embroidery. There are markets in the surrounding towns and there is a textile museum in the city of Oaxaca. Here is a small and somewhat random sampling of the textiles that I saw.

A felt pillow by Franciso Toledo:


A woman at the market in Tlacolula wearing a Ukrainian scarf.


The front of my new (old) huipil:


At the Textile Museum there was an exhibit of shibori, and there was an exhibit of weavings made with feathers. There were little bags of colored feathers and weavings made with the plumage.

textile museum oaxaca img_3623
img_3620img_3622 img_3627 img_3628 img_3630 img_3629


Next door to the Textile Museum was an ex-convent with an exhibit of ikoots woven by Justina Oviedo Rangel of San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca.

img_3800 img_3799 img_3798 img_3802 img_3801 img_3797

This is just a taste of the textiles of Oaxaca. I hope you have enjoyed them and savored a bit of blue sky and Mexican joy with me.Oaxaca 2011