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Indigo Intervention

Last week I was in Oaxaca and saw an inspiring show about Indigo at the Museo de Textil (Textile Museum).  It was called Intervention Indigo, by Laura Anderson Barbata, The work was beautiful, breathtaking and political. Here is a statement about the show:

Here are snapshots from the show. It is hard to convey the scale. Many of these pieces are HUGE.


Here is a link to the Intervention Indigo video on YouTube. Watch it to see the scale of the costumes and the ideas. It is exhilerating.

Kudos to Laura Anderson Barbata and to Chris Walker, the Brooklyn Jumbies and Jarana Beat.

If you are hungry to see more indigo, please click on this  link to a post I wrote last year about a show at the SeattleArt Museum: Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo is a new show at the Seattle Art Museum in Volunteer Park. If you are in Seattle you should step away from our amazing sunshine and go see it. If you are not in Seattle, I will bring it to you with some photos here. I am too lazy to enter the captions – I am just giving you an indigo feast for your eyes – some true blue.IMG_1303 IMG_1304 IMG_1305 IMG_1343IMG_1340IMG_1344

IMG_1306 IMG_1307 IMG_1308 IMG_1309 IMG_1311 IMG_1312 IMG_1313 IMG_1314 IMG_1316 IMG_1317 IMG_1318 IMG_1319 IMG_1320 IMG_1321 IMG_1322 IMG_1323 IMG_1324 IMG_1325 IMG_1326 IMG_1327 IMG_1331 IMG_1332 IMG_1333 IMG_1338 IMG_1341IMG_1342 IMG_1330

I hope you enjoyed swimming through the indigo sea.


Stripes Please

Stripes are simple and satisfying. They speak for themselves, so there are very few words in this post.

Such as…
Russian machine woven stripes from the 19th century:

russian stripes
Uzbek stripes:uzbek stripes

Indigo stripes:


Guatemalan stripes:guatemalan stripes

Hudson Bay stripes:hudson bay blanketCharacters in my paintings often wear striped clothing:

Paschkis reading

They are in good company.
Matisse:matisse painting

Cassatt:mary cassatt

Kuniyaki:kuniyaki sumo


It is as satisfying to wear stripes in life as in art.



Babe Ruth (photo by Nickolas Muray):

Babe Ruth

Jean Paul Gaultier:


and finally a prisoner in the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women, St. Gabriel photographed by Deborah Luster in 1988:

I wish I knew her name.