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Oh, Yes 38"W x 47"H

Oh, Yes 38″W x 47″H

Oh, Yes is a simple quilt. The red letters are appliquéd onto a black and white fabric that I designed for a line called Chickadee. My original design was a papercut, about 8″ x 10″.papercut butterfliesBW

In The Beginning Fabrics reproduced it in black and white, as well as in color.  The Oh, Yes quilt is backed with the color version of the pattern.

chickadee hearts

I like quilts with words on them. This quilt by Nancy Ward Butler of Jamestown NY is poignant. She must have stitched away some of her grief for her granddaughter as she stitched in her love. The quilt was preserved with a handwritten note saying it had won “Second Prize for the Most Beautiful Quilt.”

from the Smithsonian Treasury of American Quilts by Doris Bowman

When I thought about what I wanted to say on a quilt, or just in general, YES seemed like the obvious choice.
I was too lazy to say it more fully, as Cornelia Catharine Vosburgh did in this quilt from 1874: “& From Every Corner Flowing Joyful Crowds Assemble Round And Spake Withe Xalted Zeal.”
Oh, YES!

Cornelia Vosburgh quilt