Daily Table

In 2014 I wrote a post here about about my love of tablecloths. (Here is a link to Tablecloths: Fabric of Life). This is chapter 2 – a further installment of daily still lives and a noting of the pleasures of the table: tablecloths, dishes, flowers, sunlight, candlelight, food and friends about to arrive.  

Last week I painted a poem on a wooden table for the upcoming Coyote Central auction. Here is the poem Te Deum by Charles Reznikoff.


4 responses to “Daily Table

  1. Well that was a wonderful sight for my eyes! Love love love all the beautiful colors & patterns. Thanks! Cathy

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  2. Sigh, swooning over here. Simply beautiful — every. single. table setting. LOVE the painted poem too. Thanks for the much needed dose of beauty today.

    • Tablecloth beauty helps improve life. I have one friend who even travels with tablecloths- she drapes them over the furniture of rental places to make them more to her liking!

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