Last month I shared Deborah Mersky’s tex-tiles with you. Today I’m welcoming you into my house.


Joe and I have lived here for many years. Fabric is woven into our home and life. Each piece of cloth tells a story.


It reminds me of the place where it came from, and of particular meals or celebrations.


Some of the fabric on the windows and doors is from around the world.


I made some of the curtains.

Paschkis appliquepaschkis applique

The quilt is by Sarah Mary Taylor, a gift from Ella King Torrey. Our friend Kay gave us the indigo-resist Hungarian deer. The cat pillow is from my sister-in-law Julia. Sigrid upholstered the bird and cherry couch with fabric that Roberta found. Almost every piece of fabric reminds me of friends and family.


And then there are tablecloths!


And more tablecloths…

All of this fabric makes daily life richer, and it feeds my work. Here are a few new still life paintings.

Paschkis still life

Paschkis still life - flicker

Paschkis still life-reflect

I’d like to take a textile tour-de-friends. Please snap a picture of fabric from your home or life that means something to you and send it to me at I will post the pictures on this blog. Thank you!


8 responses to “Homespun


    Love Love Love every single nook & cranny & all the colors etc. Thanks for sharing. Cathy Bonnell


  2. Just gorgeous!! Love the new still lifes and seeing all the textiles in your home (especially the tablecloths!). Thanks for the tour!!

  3. I feel the magic every time I walk into your house, Julie! Patterns, colors, shapes – vertical, horizontal, above below – just magic.

    • Julie Paschkis

      Julie – thank you. And please take a picture of the village tapestry that used to face your front door – I would love to see it in the tour-de-friends!

  4. Hi Julie! I love this post so much, but I’m so distracted by your artwork I have to ask you: in the painting with the teacup and the tea caddy (that says REFLECT), did you paint the two colours separately, or do you paint one colour, then paint the other pattern overtop? I notice this same technique in your ‘black background’ paintings and it’s impossible to know if you’ve painted the black in afterwards, or painted the other colours over top. Thank you. I love your work. It’s beautiful.

    • Julie Paschkis

      I painted the yellow background and then the red over it (for the Reflect box and the lacquer mug).

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