Speak to me of scarves

Designing scarves was a real pleasure last year. Now I am going to start manufacturing them too. It is exciting but also risky. So I would like your opinion before I jump in!


Do you have a preference for silk, cotton or silk/cotton blends?
Do you like rectangles (20″ x 70″) or squares (42″)?
Would you like small pocket handkerchiefs? Other shapes?


Anything else you want to tell me? I am listening.


I appreciate this feedback. As a thank you I will randomly pick someone who has left a comment and send that person a Sun Swoon scarf (on February 1st) .

My past designs include Summer Birds (blue), Sun Swoon and Red Star. Summer Birds is almost sold out. They are all for sale at juliepaprika.com

I’ve painted three new designs for possible scarves. I’d like to hear back from you which one I should move forward with. If you like more than one, please rank them. If you don’t like any of them please tell me that too.
Here are the three possible new designs. I will turn them into repeats later.

Courage. You could wear this scarf when you needed extra fortitude.

Paschkis courage scarf

Doodle Squares. Ink drawings on colored squares on a white background.


Blue Moon Garden. Lots of shades of blue at night.


I look forward to hearing from you.

I will be traveling from the 14-26 so I might not be able to approve or respond to your comments right away. But eventually I will get to all of them and I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you so much.




96 responses to “Speak to me of scarves

  1. Swooning here! I bought 2 red star scarves to give to beloved women this Christmas. I got to see one opened and worn and it was stunning. My only observation on the silk is that it is very lightweight. My sister wore it and loved it, but I’d rather have something a little less fine but more substantial. Maybe the blend would be that? I prefer the long rectangle. That size is perfect. I love all 3 of your new designs and would buy them all.

    with admiration, Ashley

    • Thanks for the feedback, Ashley. The blue scarf was heavier,but then the ink was lighter on one side than the other. So I went with a different silk for the red. It was a trade-off! Maybe the cotton/silk blend is a happy medium.

  2. mmm… I rarely wear scarves anymore, but my preference would be rectangular. As a short person, 70″ seems very long to me, but I guess people wind them around and around these days. If that is the intention, fine silk would be best, to reduce the bulk. As to the new designs, I would like the Courage printed as a panel in quilting cotton, so I can make a new quilt with it. Perhaps that isn’t one of the options. If it is, please let me know!

    And for the three current designs, all beautiful! The yellow one reminds me of the medallion quilt top I just finished. https://catbirdquilts.wordpress.com/2017/01/12/medallion-process-final-borders/

    THanks for sharing these, Julie.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I will pass along the suggestion for Courage in quilting fabric to In the Beginning! Your medallion quilt is pretty – I love yellow.

  3. Julie, I am buried under a foot of snow in Beaverton, OR today and seeing your bright beautiful designs has cheered me tremendously! I don’t wear a lot of scarves, but if I did, I would think cost would be an important factor. I think something under $50 seems about right. I recently had one of my own repeat patterns printed via RedBubble on light chiffon and it was really nice as far as texture and weight. I love Blue Moon Garden. And while the Doodle Square is interesting (and a bit different from your usual) I’m not sure how that would read on a scarf that was swirled around someone’s neck. I also really like the Courage design and could see that making a wonderful gift for many occasions. Delighted and inspired by you and your work!

  4. I bought both the red star and summer birds scarf thinking they would make great gifts, but they ended up being gifts for me because I just couldn’t part with them. I think a silk/cotton blend would be very nice, but the current fabric is very nice, as well.

    I wear scarves all the time, and find that the rectangle shape is the most flexible.

    I absolutely love the Courage scarf. I could certainly see me wearing it when having to speak in public, make an important presentation, etc.

    Thanks for sharing your art!

  5. Debra Steinbaugh

    Love the red! Blue then yellow. I most often wear rectangle scarves and a fabric blend, I prefer. I’m never sure what to do with a square one 🙂 love them all. Your work is beautiful❤

    • Thank you! I am glad that I asked for feedback because I like square scarves best but I think that might be an outlier position.

  6. I adore them all. Like Ashley I noted the lightweight nature of the silk on the yellow scarf I bought. I’m one for a square – always my preference.

  7. I would wear the Courage one large, almost shawl like. Love the black background and allover pattern, can see with or without the cool lion. I prefer scarves with a heavy drape, and think most of mine are rayon. I would wear the Doodle one smaller, in a square shape, knotted around my neck. These are so beautiful, really love them!

  8. Hi, I bought one of your Sun Swoon scarves at the Ravenna holiday sale, and I love it! As I mostly wear scarves in my hair, I prefer cotton or cotton silk blend to plain silk, as it doesn’t slip off. As for your new designs, I _love_ the Blue Moon Garden, both the colors and the design. I also love big square scarves, mostly because they’re so hard to find these days. Good luck and thank you for your beautiful work!

  9. Oh my gosh so so beautiful, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Can’t you print all of them!??? Lol! If I had to pick, I would say 1) Courage and 2) Blue Moon Garden. I chose Courage #1 only because you have that beautiful blue one already and this is a different color. You are so talented. Looking at your work always lifts my spirits.

    • Thanks for your feedback. The first blue scarf is just about sold out. That’s why I am thinking of doing another blue one. I like blue!

  10. I want the Blue Moon Garden.

  11. PS…I prefer the rectangle scarves and would purchase Blue Moon Garden when available.

  12. Hi Julie, I was lucky enough to receive a Red star scarf, so I was sent your questions from my gifter. I like both sizes, maybe not 70″ long, though. Squares are great into a triangle. I think a blend works well and is less costly. Of the three, Blue Moon looks good, Courage looks more like a poster and would have some of the same problems that Doodle might have- much is lost when twirled/folded around a neck. But I love your folk art style, so maybe it’s a case of trying to mix up smaller figures, as a large figure will disappear.

  13. cbonnell@cox.net

    I love the lion & the new blue design. I’d prefer the silk/cotton blend so that they would be easy to use & wash when I use them for a small tablecloth or runner. Just beautiful! Cathy Bonnell

  14. Lucinda Edgerton

    Julie, I like Blue Moon Garden best of all, and next pick is Courage. I also appreciate the intent of the Courage scarf – I think we’ll be needing just that in the future. I love silk best, and rectangles. I wear my Red Star scarf often (wore it today, in fact), and I love it so! It makes me feel invincible, with those strong reds. When I’m not wearing it, I hang it from a hanger in my bedroom, and it makes me happy just to see its vibrant beauty.

    • Thank you! And I’m so glad the red star is making you happy. Yes – perhaps I should put a tiny lion or emblem of courage in the corner of every scarf.

  15. barbarabluehorse

    Hi Julie – I love all three designs for different reasons.

    I do use pocket handkerchiefs (and bandanas) to blow my nose and around my neck. I think Doodles would make a dandy cotton handkerchief. I love squares but they never stay on my head.

    Courage grabbed me immediately because the color pops so nicely on black. I’d like to wrap it around my neck in silk/cotton. Only choose silk/cotton because I don’t wear much silk in my currrent lifestyle and its more washable.

    I’d wear the blue moon design around my neck or love it as a handkerchief.

    I’m so happy you are designing and producing these!

    • Thank you so much for the feedback! I like the idea of doodles as a handkerchief – I hadn’t thought of that.

  16. I like them all, but I think Blue Moon Garden is the most wearable, especially as a rectangle. (As much as I love the idea of wearing a Doodle square knotted at my neck, I’ve never managed to wear a scarf that way gracefully.) I like a little tooth and substance in my scarves, so a silk blend is attractive. Besides, if you have a solid stock of other scarves as well, it’d be great to have a range of price points.

  17. Hi, Julie! I bought the earlier red silk one and love the vivid color. (You also know I’ve been crazy about your work from the earliest storybook days.) I wear scarves a lot, and find the long rectangle is more versatile for me than the square. I also like a bit heavier weight as you suggest, for how it drapes and stays put better. Of the three new designs, I lean heavily toward the black background of the lion and the blue on blue on blue. Maybe do blue first as a companion in a way to the red, and black later. I think once the black one is turned into a repeat, it should be very tribal looking. The Doodles is interesting in an entirely different way. Super contemporary, I think. Great palette. I could also see the concept translated into Doodles on circular shapes, or loose triangular shapes in other colors—an entirely different series, each pattern on a large white square, maybe with a fringed edge? Loraine Joyner (Peachtree)

    • Thanks, Loraine. I appreciate how specific your feedback is; your experience as an art director is helpful here!

  18. I think it’d be great to have a silk cotton blend. I like the long rectangle shape rather than the square. I love all three patterns but blue moon garden makes my heart sing so that is number 1! I can’t think of anything else right now. 😁

  19. I am of no use here because I love all 3…in different ways, for different occasions and uses. Beautiful, Julie.

  20. I love them all, but the doodle squares one steals my heart. I love how your work looks on silk, but am curious about the cotton or the blend. xo

  21. Doodle squares is incredibly unusual and I
    like that it’s gently colored but mixed colors…love the graphic quality.
    I prefer large square scarves…either all silk or all cotton.
    Love all the designs…. but I see Doodle Squares as special and translating really well onto my head❤

  22. I so love your art. Beautiful colors and delightful images that always make me smile. I prefer cotton which has more substance than silk, rectangle which is a more versatile shape to me, and the blue is so lovely, it would be my first choice. I like the black but I think the Lion would be lost in the folding and wrapping. And the white w doodles, well, I love your intense colors more but it’s nice too. I have looked at your other three many times but refrained because silk is not my thing.

  23. Beautiful. I think any, but i love long rectangles and Blue Moon most.

  24. Love them all – particularly Courage & Blue Moon Garden but I think Blue Moon Garden probably just wins. I think rectangular scarves are the most useful & prefer a silk/cotton mix. All your designs are just so beautiful & vibrant – thank you.

  25. Francesca Alcorn

    I have an earlier cat design of yours, so I like “Courage” which is similar, but I also like Blue Moon Garden. A close tie, but I think the title “Courage” might tip the balance for me since I have a feeling I will need a lot of it this coming year.

    Your work really speaks to me and I’ve been following you now for awhile (loved your calendar too). Thanks for the beauty and the inspiration.


  26. Jannette Emerson

    Absolutely love the blue moon garden. It reminds me of a Van Gogh painting. Only thing is that it seems more seasonal. What I mean with that is that I would absolutely wear it in the fall and winter but not in spring and summer. But perhaps that is what your intention is. Squares is my least favorite because the details will get lost when you wear it.

  27. Julie, I love Blue Moon Garden and Courage best, though all three are gorgeous! I am more partial to heavier weight fabrics and rectangular shapes in scarves, but everything you do is stunning and I know I would love it no matter what pattern/fabric/shape you selected. I adore your art and have been a fan since we first met at Inside Story lo those many years ago! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us!

    • Thank you for the feedback, Trudi. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we met – those years flutter by pretty quickly.

  28. Oh, please. Be still my beating heart. Silk please. All the above designs.

  29. I like the Doodle Squares. Silk or cotton-silk blend. Rectangle. No handkerchiefs for me. 🙂

  30. Thanks, Bonny.

  31. I love wearing scarfs, and I prefer the rectangular shape in silk or silk cotton blend. Of the designs, I was actually drawn towards your first drawing in the email “they were drawn by whatcould be”. That would have been an interesting and different scarf!! I always think that a scarf should stand out and not blend in, as it is there to lighten up whatever you are wearing. Good luck!!

  32. Hello! These all look so lovely, both the past and future designs for scarves. I think silk scarves are ideal for all types of climates, but I guess that a cotton/silk blend might be more affordable and maybe more durable. Nevertheless, I’d still vote for all silk.

    As for the designs, I love them all, but would be most likely to wear the courage one first, the moon one second, and the doodle one third. That said, I re-ranked this list three times while writing my comment. 🙂

  33. Julie, love your work for years. For my birthday in November, I asked for one gift. Red rectangle scarf. I have worn it with delight ever since. I love the lightweight silk. And the colors. I tie the ends together in two separate ties and wrap three times around my neck. A wonderful, soft, cozy silk turtleneck. I have a huge collection of scarves and it is right up there at the top of the favorites.

  34. They are all beautiful, but I vote for a long doodle scarf. It would be most beautiful on silk I think. White silk is elegant but white cotton has less going for it. The doodle imagers are different from what you have already done and it would go with anything and everything!

  35. I’m with Margaret: for the long doodle squares. It would be best in a blend or heavier silk, to give it some heft. Are you going to silk-screen these yourself? in your home studio? Lots of work! But you seem to have boundless energy, lucky you.

    • Thanks for your input. I am going to have these manufactured by someone else. Although they would probably be nicer if they were done one by one at home!

  36. Joyce Halldorson

    I like the blue scarf best. Sometimes cotton is nice because it has more weight and texture, although it does wrinkle easily. I agree the doodle scarf is different. However, they’re all beautiful and I love that they’re uniquely designed by you.

  37. Squares for me, Doodle Squares! T’would be wonderful in the middle of my white pedestal table here in New Mexico, or ’round my neck, or on my head. The silk cotton blend sounds lovely!

  38. So much color and beauty. I love blue moon, square, cotton. I like wearing scarves on my head and silk slips.

  39. I have Summer Birds and love it so I vote for rectangular. In the summer, when I’m not wearing it, I hang it “for Pretty”. of the 3: Blue Moon , definately. but the reds knock me out. I love your book about Central Asian textiles. Do you know the book “My Grandmother’s Journey”? art by Sharon McGinley-Nally. It’s right up your alley.

  40. Janet Hasselblad

    Courage first, then blue moon, rectangle, silk-cotton mix, yes please and then printed on fabric, thank you very much. Lovely as always!

  41. Cotton blend rectangles are nice. Comfy and they wash well. Blue Moon Garden would be oh so lovely as a scarf!

  42. Love the doodle squares pattern! I prefer a rectangle shaped scarf. This pattern seems good for spring so silk would be a nice choice. That pattern would also be nice with a pale green or blue background instead of white.

  43. I love them all, but if I had to rank them I would say Courage Lion, then Blue Moon, then Doodles.I love Squares, but am short with a short neck, so have been having good luck with rectangles lately.I love silk, but a blend works very well also. I am also an entrepenuer, and I think that Courage Lion would get me up and out the door with a lot of confidence!

    • Thank you for the feedback on image, shape and materials! sorry it took me a while to respond. I am traveling right now.

  44. Doodle Squares is lovely! That would be my first choice. Lightweight, long rectangle scarves are my favorite. Second choice would be Courage, in a large square. I just love your colors, style, and sensibilities, Julie! You are so very very talented.

  45. Love silk and silk cotton blends. Rectangular easier for me to wear…

  46. Oops forgot to rank the scarves: blue moon, doodles then courage. Thanks for making such lovely scarves!

    • One more comment about shapes – the square one is gorgeous when we open it up completely (I bought all 3 of your scarves) like if someone mounted/framed it, or if you just folded it in half as a triangle over the shoulders. Like you said most of us don’t wear it on our heads like Russian babushkas going to church (though my daughter did for a russian school play the swangeese). Love all your work – thank you for sharing your art.

      • Julie Paschkis

        Thanks for the further feedback! I mostly wear scarves rolled up as headbands. I also use them as little tablecloths. So it is good for me to hear of the other ways that people use them.

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