In December of 2014 my husband and I went to Portugal and Spain. We saw tiles everywhere. The blue and white tiles are called Azulejos. IMG_9303

We saw tiles on walls.




on benches


on signs


and on the ground.



We saw tiles with animals and birds on them.

IMG_1017 copy



and tiles that were pure pattern.

Version 2

Version 2

When I came home I did some paintings that were inspired by the tiles and other things I saw on that trip. Many of those paintings were used to make a new line of fabric for In the Beginning Fabrics. The new line is called Azuli. The word sounds like Azulejos and the word azul which means blue in Spanish. It is fun to say, but doesn’t have a true meaning.

Here are some of the paintings that didn’t become fabric.

Paschkis blue bird

Paschkis cat

Paschkis peacock

And here are some paintings that did become fabric!

Paschkis capella repeat

paschkis vine hexagon

This pomegranate pattern became an allover repeat (and I added a few seeds).paschkis pomegranate

in the beginning azuli

This allover pomegranate pattern was printed in a blue or burgundy color way.

azuli floral copy

in the beginning azuli

purple orange pom

Here are peacocks we saw in Portugal.


and fabric inspired by their feathers.

Paschkis peacock

A rooster from the trip…


and a rooster that flew into the fabric line..

paschkis rooster

Azuli is available now at fabric stores such as Gathering Fabric in Woodinville, Washington, Pacific Fabrics or online at Winter Creek Cloth.

Putting together this blog post has made me remember the trip so clearly. I think I might need to go back and get inspired all over again.

IMG_1015_2 copy


7 responses to “Azuli

  1. Wow, so beautiful. I mentioned to you before I’m trying to persuade my husband to go to Portugal with me. The tiles seem to have numerous influences, from northern Africa, northern Europe, Middle Eastern. Thanks for sharing.

    • I wrote back to you yesterday but put it in as a general comment instead of a reply – oops! I think you should go to Portugal. It is a unique and wonderful place.


  2. Portugal is wonderful. There are a lot of things there to inspire quilters, but a non-quilter could have a great visit too.

  3. I so love the colorful tiles & your inspiration for paintings & fabrics. I wish I could buy every single fabric–wonder what I could do with them besides just love them. I’m thinking about lining the shelves in my newly painted bathroom with them! I started a little collection of interesting tiles when I was in Amsterdam a few years ago & saw these OLD tiles just propped up in window sills of cafes. They are reclaimed from remodels. One owner sent me to an antique store nearby that sells the old ones & I got quite a lesson! Keep up the good work! Cathy

  4. WOW! Imagine upholstering bench cushions with the tile fabric. that would be gorgeous, comfortable and washable. much more comfortable than a hard tile bench. I loved the Alhambra too! “Grenada” means pomegranite.

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