Paper Dolls

What to wear? That is the question asked and answered by this paper doll (made by my niece Zoe Paschkis, many years ago.)

zoe paschkis paper doll

zoe paschkis paper dollsRecently I came across an article about Paper Dolls by Francine Kirsch that I had clipped from the magazine Folk Art in 2007. She talked in the article about some paper dolls that were made professionally to show certain styles of clothes, and she also showed these lovely handmade ones.paper dollsI like the way that every outfit has to confirm to the posture of the model.paper dolls with hipsI like the materials used to make the dresses:paper dollspaper dollsAs in almost everything, sometimes what is revealed is not what is intended to be revealed. In this paper doll family from 1907 the creator reveals racism: the black doll is made to be somewhere between a child and an adult in size.1907 paper dollsSome paper outfits are nearly abstract, like these from the blog Accidental Mysteries.FolkArtPaperDollDressCollection_153 FolkArtPaperDollDressCollection_130Here is a mermaid by Deborah Mersky.mersky paper mermaidLately I have been making big paper dolls. Here I am with a new friend, made with no tape, glue or staples.J. Paschkis and  friend One of my goals is to use all of the paper in different parts of the doll. Here are the pieces of a doll called Paper Howdy, cut from one sheet of paper.

Paschkis howdy pieces

Here is what remained from that 12″ x 18″ sheet of paper.

paper scraps

And here is the assembled Paper Howdy.Paschkis paper howdyI hope this post will inspire you to make some paper dolls of your own.







10 responses to “Paper Dolls

  1. I love your paper cutting! – Marcia

  2. Wow — I LOVE the paper doll !

  3. I grew up on paper dolls – from McCall’s magazine, or from little kits my mom bought me. Especially fun when they came with accessories – shoes, or a little purse to attach to the wrist, or a hat that slid on over the top of the head. I LOVE what you’re doing with the life size dolls, and with the “no-waste” technique!!

  4. Your new friend is beautiful! 🙂

    I loved paper dolls when I was a kid. McCall’s magazine had Betsy paper dolls in many issues. But I had others, as well. Thanks for sharing this. And good to see you again.


    LOVE your paper howdy! You are soooooooo creative! Cathy

  6. This is awesome, Julie!

  7. Beautiful!
    I want to make some dolls with you

  8. These are so much fun!

  9. I am enjoying your blog so very much. I wanted to let you know that typing in “one page only” will take you to a variety of sites, the first of which is from the Hirshorn Modern Art Gallery in DC. They had a contest, and I think you will enjoy the winners. Thanks!

    • Julie Paschkis

      Thanks for the tip. I searched, and eventually found a blog saying that the contest was a hoax (odd as that seems) and that all the papercuts are the work of the wonderful Peter Callesen. The blog also says that they should be seen at the Hirshhorn – I agree. How funny!

      The blog is called My Unpublished Works.

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