Tablecloths: Fabric of Life

wooden fruit

It’s easy to put a beautiful cloth on a table.

marimekko table

It’s a way to see and enjoy and touch fabric.

easter table

It’s a way to make a small and fleeting still life in the kitchen or dining room.

…This owl and the wooden dove above were made by Mike Zitka…

Mike Zitka owl

Tablecloths are a way to weave beauty into everyday life.


My mother gave me my love of tablecloths. She always did and always will have beautiful fabric on the table – sometimes several cloths at once. A table without a cloth would be naked.  Here is a table at my parent’s home, between meals.


Tablecloths remind me of the people who gave them to me, such as this favorite one from my sister Karla.

yellow tablecloth

They also remind me of places where I have traveled.

guatemalan tablecloth

They are a way to celebrate the colors of the seasons.

yellow table

july 4 tablecloth

fall table

green and blue table

chocolate cake

gold cloth

Tablecloths look beautiful before and during meals.

table runner

blue runnera

and after…


I love to set the table. And of course the best part is sitting around, enjoying life with friends and family.

Vasnetsov magpie

6 responses to “Tablecloths: Fabric of Life


    How beautiful! I loved everyone! I have begun to collect vintage table cloths–so many interesting ones to still be loved. Cathy Bonnell

    • Julie Paschkis

      I love vintage cloths, and I think they might have had better laundering techniques in the past. My old tablecloths often have traces of old meals!

  2. What amazing treasures! I imagine they all have interesting stories attached. Sounds like a children’s book… 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful array. The table is truly the centerpiece of your home – as it should be for someone who creates such delicious meals and brings so many interesting people together!

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