Louise Bourgeois

Recently a friend gave me a book from an exhibition that Louise Bourgeois had in  Vienna in 2005 when she was 94 years old. I had known of her sculpture, but much of the work in this book was new to me.  In many of these pieces she worked with fabric and with words. 

Here are selections from a book she made out of cloth called Ode A la Bièvre.

bourgeois bievre2002bourgeois bievre1bourgeois bievre2bourgeois bievre3

This is what she calls a fabric drawing.

bourgeois fabric drawing

Here are pages from another cloth book Ode a la Oubli, which she made in 2004. Oubli means oblivion.

bourgeois oublibourgeois oubli1bourgeois oubli 2bourgeois oubli 3

Here are drawings made of lines that look like thread.

bourgeois drawings

It is inspiring that she still made art in her 90’s. Great art that defies categorization! She died in 2010. She said: “My luck was that I became famous so late that fame could not destroy me.”

Here is a portrait of Louise Bourgeois from 1996.

louise bourgeois


One response to “Louise Bourgeois

  1. We saw some of her work at Dia: Beacon last year. Her giant insect like sculptures are just crazy, and slightly terrifying!

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