Rudolf Mates was a Czechoslovakian illustrator who lived from 1881-1966. I treasure the two books of his that I have: A Forest Story and The Cock and the Hen, both illustrated in the 1920’s. This is from the Cock and the Hen.rudolf mates

And these are from the Forest Story.mates frog

mates micemates meal

I was inspired by his style to paint some animals. Some of what I took from him was the style of outlining, of using vivid secondary colors and reveling in pattern. Now that I look at his art again I’d like to go back to the drawing board! Here are some of my paintings:Paschkis valentine mouse

Paschkis squirrel

Paschkis cat

Paschkis dog with cartThese images were made into cards for Artists to Watch, and then into a fabric line for In the Beginning Fabrics called Bohemia. The first part of Bohemia was to combine the animals into a repeating panel.Paschkis bohemia panel

Next I designed some smaller patterns to go with it. Some of them became fabric.Paschkis Bohemian gardenbohemia floralPaschkis bohemian acornJason of In the Beginning put the acorns on a diagonal which makes them easier to use.Bohemia acorn fabricAnd some designs didn’t become fabric:bohemian heart

The fabrics have so much pattern that I like a very simple quilt made from them. This quilt is just the panel, quilted. I used the overall floral on the back.Paschkis Bohemia quiltHere is a quilt that uses a bit of Bohemia with some other schnitz.Paschkis bohemia bebopIf you feel inspired to sew something Bohemian, you can buy the fabric at Hancock’s of Paducah, or maybe a local store. Or maybe Rudolf Mates art will lead you in a different direction.mates rabbits

9 responses to “Bohemia

  1. I have some fabric that might be from this line! I don’t have product information anymore. Beautiful and fun, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your work, as well as Rudolf Mates’.

  2. Absolutely delightful! Thank you!!

  3. These scenes are so magical! I am just blown away by the patterns and colors you choose. I am determined to make a quilt with your fabric!

  4. I love the 2 panels, quilted. How large is that quilt? Just curious! What a simple and fabulous way to make a quick and easy quilt!

    • Thanks, Meg!
      The quilt is 42″W by 48″H. So the backing is just a standard width as well – it’s all easy.

  5. I love the flowers & the acorns! And I love your inspiration. Going to hunt for your fabric now.

  6. I have been looking for fabric like your acorn fabric for years… I LOVE it. I can almost taste it! Is it still available to buy? Please say yes and tell me where to find it… 🙂

    • Hi Sara,
      It should still be available – try looking at Pacific Fabrics, Hancock’s of Paducah or Gathering Fabric in Woodinville, Wa. The fabric looks a little different than my design – lighter and at a smaller scale. But it is still acorns! Thanks for your comment –

  7. Your work is so beautiful. I love it !😍

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